Kaleido by Silkie B.

Knitting Designs By Silka Burgoyne

About July 20, 2010

Kaleido, aka Silka aka Silkie B, is a mother of three adorable kids with a full time profession in IT industry. Silka or Silkie, for which most of her friends call her, started knitting about 4 years ago. Silka caught herself ‘hacking’ patterns all the time when she knits; so about a couple years ago, she decided she would start designing her own patterns so that she wouldn’t have to ‘hack’ anymore. Silka started off designing purses, then venture off to design garment for her kids and herself; and now Silka is officially obsessed with knitting and designing. In between coding, baking and cooking for her family with special dietary needs (her daughter has severe food allergy and husband suffers from Celiac Disease), running around with her kids, eating and sleeping; Silka spends almost all her free time (if any) knitting and designing.

Silka has published some of her designs in Creative Knitting and Interweave Knits. Her designs are also available at Raverly.com and her Etsy store. Silka recently started a blog for cooking with allergy due to her kids and husband. Beside knitting, Silka is now also obsessed with baking gluten-free and vegan goodies for her family.



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