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49 Days – The Drama May 19, 2011

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So this is my first post that has nothing to do with knitting. I am probably going to add more post such as this because I can share some other things that I like to do or interesting besides knitting. This post is about a drama from Korea called 49 days. For those of you who might not familiar with foreign dramas, the format is more like the mini series here in United States. Each drama last varies from 16-24 episodes.. 16 episode is most common in Kdrama and tdrama (Taiwan) and 8-12 in Jdrama (Japan).

so Here is Synopsis directly from Wikipedia:

A few days before her wedding,Ji Hyun was looking forward to her future with her seemingly perfect fiancé, Min Ho. In contrast, Yi Kyung was unhappy with her life and resolved to end it by walking into a busy street. Their two worlds collide as Ji Hyun gets into an accident and falls into a coma as a result of Yi Kyung’s actions. However, Ji Hyun is given a second chance at life by a reaper. He tells her that if she collects three genuine tears from people that aren’t her blood relatives in the 49 days alloted to her, she can live again. In order to maneuver the world of the living, she’s given use of Yi Kyung’s body, but she cannot use it past midnight and must keep her identity a secret.

I decided to watch this drama because of the story sounds interesting and it has the actors that I enjoyed previously in other dramas. But what this drama sucks me in is the way how the writer talked about what a human life is all about – “life is always complicated, unfair, and ultimately precious in each and every moment” – Quote from ockoala. The drama gives the message on how important to live your life to the fullness… knowing that dying is not the end of the world… learn to let go of the past, accept, treasure and embrace what you have in life and ultimately move on with your life bravely… or die without any regrets.

From the synopsis above, you get the general idea of what the story is about but you really have to watch this drama to fully understand the underlying meaning of it. A little bit of background of the meaning of 49 days, don’t quote me on that though.. but according to some sayings, when a person dies, one’s soul actually takes about 49 days before going to afterlife… so that’s why Ji Hyun was giving exactly 49 days to have a chance to live again if she could proof that there were people in this world truly loved and wanted her to live.

For those of you might want to check out the drama, Dramafever has English subtitle and you can watch the series legally. If you don’t have time to actually watch this drama which I highly recommending; you can check out the recaps of the drama at Dramabeans or Koalasplayground… they did an excellent job recapping the drama. This week is the finale of 49 days and I love every moment it. And for the creators of this drama, a big ‘Thank You’, to create such awesome drama. This drama ease some stress of me at night while working on my designs for the past 2+ months.

Before I leave, here is a picture of the awesome cast.

Here are a few pomotional pictures of the drama:

Yi Kyung

Reaper & Ji Hyun


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