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A drama called ‘The Devil / The Lucifer’ July 10, 2011

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The Devil aka The Lucifer is the drama that sucks me in like no other. This drama is or will be one of my top drama of all time. When choosing a drama to watch, I looked at 3 things: the synopsis, the casts and the drama reviews from my favorite bloggers. First thing first, if the story does not interest me, I would not care about the cast even if my favorite actors are in it. Then I look at the casts, and if my favorite actors are in it. It would just be icing on the cake. Lastly, I checked out my favorite drama bloggers and read their reviews of the drama if there’s one available. Reviews are subjective, I read it mostly just for reference and to get more insight on the drama. ‘The Devil’ has interesting story, great casts and solid reviews so I decided to put this drama on my MUST WATCH list.

I actually waited awhile before I decided to start watching ‘The Devil’. The reason was quite simple because I know from the reviews that this drama is quite dramatic and serious and it’s in Korean so I would need to read the subtitle in order for me to understand and follow along the story. I decided to watch this drama during my down time; meaning when I don’t have any knitting commitment. After I started the first episode, I was glued to the TV for the next 2 days until I finished the drama. And after I finished, I literally stunned by the plot and feeling a little scared and would not get the drama out of my head. I kept thinking about the story and the characters and asked myself ‘Who was the Devil in the drama ‘The Devil’?’

When Homicide Detective Kang Oh Soo hit a dead end in his investigation of two seemly unrelated murders, except for the Tarot cards left behind at both crime scenes, he sought help from Seo Hae In, a woman with Token-object reading ability. She revealed that the killers were different in each murder, but the victims were chosen for their connection to a death of a high school boy. Later, the cases proved to have one more thing in common: the suspects have the same defense attorney, Oh Seung Ha.

Seung Ha’s defense for his clients severely shaken Oh Soo’s conviction to catch the Tarot Card mastermind. Oh Soo was reminded that years ago he had killed a high school classmate in a fight. He was acquitted of all charges and began his life anew. Now, someone has came back to revenge the boy’s wrongful death by killing those who got him off.

In short, ‘The Devil’ was simply a revenge thriller with a lot of twists and turns. A boy got killed and the killer was set free due to the powerful family background. The victim’s brother revenged his brother’s killer some years later by being a mastermind behind a series of murders to the people that was helped to set the killer free.


Kang Oh Soo

Kang Oh Soo, acted wonderfully by Uhm Tae Woong – is a policeman who works in the office of crimes of violence. He is active and speaks straightforward. He does not give up on any circumstances, rather he faces off with courage. He is from a rich family and second son of a famous politician. During his middle school and high school years, he was considered as trouble-maker causing many troubles. However, after killing his friend with a knife, he turned away from his dark past and being a policeman.

Uhm Tae Woong can do no wrong for me in my opinion. I have not seen anything he is in that I don’t like. The charactor, ‘Kang Oh Soo’, is a policeman that put in 100% effort to fight crimes and protect people. He is good at and dedicated to his job mainly because he was in the other side of the law before and now he lives to correct his wrong doing. On surface, he is relatively normal. His co-workers did not know about his past and see him just as a hot-tempered and a confident cop. As the story progress, a little by little his past started to surface and that force Oh Soon to then again face his deepest fear and his past and also his guilt that he was trying to hide for all these years. Then all of sudden, this once confidence cop becomes so helpless, so vulnerable and so deeply hurt in pain. All these emotions, acted brilliantly by Uhm Tae Woong.

Seo Han In

Seo Hae In, acted beautifully by Shin Min-a – A librarian who secretly can perform psychometrics. She is humorous and has bright attitude. She has a wide knowledge about Tarot cards. Her father died, and she lives with her deaf mother. She finds out her ability when she was 12 years old through a certain incident.

Seo Hae In has ability to see certain “thing” by touching an object. She helps the police to solve crime sometimes because of her ability. Hae In, in my opinion, is a person who has the most pure soul. She sees good in everything, even in the worse situation. She believes in living a simple and virtuous life. Both men in the drama fall for her, and it’s not hard to see why. Hae In is the kind of woman who has this calming effort on people and believed me, both men, one being policeman and tortured by his haunted past and one being the mastermind of all murders need someone to ease their stressful lives. Hae In is just the person for them. Shin Min A is an actress that I really like. She has never overacted in a role, every character she portraits seem so natural to her.

Oh Seung Ha

Oh Seung Ha, acted incredibly by Joo Ji Hoon – is a lawyer who voluntarily defends poor people. He is kind to everyone and has ability of listening people’s problem and suggesting solutions. However,12 years ago, his life changed after death of his older brother shortly followed by his mother’s death due to the shock from her son’s death. He disappeared after graduating middle school, became lawyer through testing without proper education background. He is hiding his real identity and preparing for revenge.

Prior to ‘The Devil’, I only saw Joon Ji Hoon in one other drama, ‘Goong’, and I have to say, he sucked at it. He was so wooden that I could compare him to a cardboard. But in here, I can say that he has transformed into a great actor. All of sudden, he is more than just a pretty face to me, he is an actor. Joon Ji Hoon portraits his charactor, Oh Seung Ha, with a lot of depth. Seung Ha is a very conflicting individual, a deeply tortured soul, probably by fate. When he was 12, he lost his beloved family and certainly not an easy thingto bear. And I was not all surprised that he became a serious revenge machine. In the early episode, Seung Oh, is always so cool and control of his emotion that you can’t really read him. As the story progress, as he executes his plan of all these murders, a bit by a bit, inside this evil, cold-hearted soul, you can slightly feel there is actually a beating heart inside this man’s body; a man who is so broken-hearted that actually has a desired of being loved; a man who is so full of hate could actually learn to forgive. Just a little bit, he is actually feel like a normal human being. Joon Ji Hoon showcased this conflicted character superbly. I applause his effort.

Who is the Devil?
Someone has to be played the role of the devil to live up to the title of the drama. It is a very straight forward assumption that Oh Seung Ha, the mastermind of all the murders, should be the devil even the scriptwriters suggested it right in the first episode. In the first episode, during the “first” encounter between Seung Ha and Hae In at the library; when Seung Ha shake Hae In’s hand, Hae In unintentional saw the vision of the devil. That alone is a clue of who the devil is… but is it really that obvious? May be the scriptwriters just wanted to plan it that way. After I finished watching the drama, I went back and forth and could not decide who the truth devil is. Is it really Seung Ha? How about Oh Soo? Can he be the devil? And did we forget about the person who actually commit all the murders withing even blinking his eyes… how can he not be a devil? I am not gonna discuss my thoughts here; otherwise, it will become an extremely long post. If anyone intended to watch this drama, ask yourself this question after you finished watching it. I am sure the answer might be varied by different viewer.

Of course there has to be love storyline in all drama. The love story in this drama is not at all complicated. Both Kang Oh Soo and Oh Seung Ha falls for Hae In. Oh Soo has a one-sided love for Hae In. He is always so cute around her. And when Oh Soo is feeling uneasy and struggle with his emotional turmoil, Hae In is always the one he turns to. Only with Hae In, he could let his real emotion surfaces. Hae In could always comfort him and say something to him that would ease his worried and fear. But to me her feeling towards him is no more than just friends.

Hae In loves Seung Ha without a doubt. She loves him even though she knew that he was the mastermind of all the murders. There is no doubt that Seung Ha loves Hae In back but he is a little reserved. Seung Ha found comfort in Hae In. Hae In always seem to know exactly the right thing to say to Seung Ha just like she did with Oh Soo; therefore, at some point, I wanted so badly that the love from Hae In could bring Seung Ha out of the dark tunnel that he was in and forget about all the revenge. At the last episode, when Seung Ha sent Hae In his mother’s wedding band, there is not doubt that he loves her.

I really wanted either Oh Soo and Seung Ha to find love and be happy with their lives since both men lack love in their live; however, I also know that based on the way this story is going, it would be my wishful thinking to have a happy ending with love.

The Ending I am not gonna to discuss the ending because I did not want to post any spoiler for anyone would want to check out this drama. All I can say is that I was satisfied with the ending. Was it the most ideal; I think not. Is that the ending I wanted? My answer is also no. But the ending is indeed reasonable. I cried, yes. My heart broke a little, yes. I have never imagined a happy ending based on the way the story is going; but the ending still shocked me a little.

‘The Devil’ is a thinking drama. It’s not sugar coated, it’s not straight forward. It’s not a drama you could understand everything after it ended. There is a lot of reference to Rodin’s sculpture The Gates of Hell and of course it include the famous thinker in the middle of the gates. When the thinker opens his eyes, then he will make the decision; meaning judgement. The Gates of Hell becomes the motif of the drama. This drama deals with one’s moral struggle; talks about judgement and punishment for one’s action so the motif is very much inline with the drama. I have to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the scriptwriters and the director in bring the element to the drama.

Another reason why I love this drama is the OST. This OST by far is one of my favorite. Before I leave, I would like to share the a great review for this drama from thundie’s blog. If you would like to check out this drama, you can viewed it in Mysoju.com; although I think the last 2 episode was a little mess up and I hope the site fixes it.

I have ordered the actual DVD of this drama because I know that I would like to re-watch it from time to time. According to other blogger, the limited edition dvd actually come with a red envelop with 3 cards in it. If you watched the drama, you would understand the meaning of the red envelop. I did not have the limited edition and now I am thinking may be I should. In conclusion, I would recommend anyone who enjoy suspect, action, psychological type of drama should really check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.


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