Kaleido by Silkie B.

Knitting Designs By Silka Burgoyne

Gallery July 20, 2010

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  1. I’m a knit/crochet designer and instructor who is anxious to knit your Tuxedo Bag from the pattern in KnitScene. However, I’m having a hard time finding C-shaped purse handles like yours. I want to buy the handles and buckles first so I can coordinate the yarn with them. I’ve looked online and even went to downtown Los Angeles to the garment district. Where did you find yours, and the buckle too??? I’ll be knitting the bag in my classes so my students will also want to make it. Please help!

    • I found the buckle I believe I Mjtrim.com… And the handle I got it in local yarn store…. Often time I will search for cheap belt that has unique buckle for my purse design…. For the tuxedo purse.. A lot of people actually change use different type of handle depending on what is available.

      • I’m still searching for handles! Do you remember which yarn store sold you those handles? I would like to contact them. Like you, I shop for belts and jewelry for components to use for finiishing my knit and crochet designs. Your patterns are beautiful and I look forward to knitting the Tuxedo Bag soon.

      • I bought those handles in a LYS in Ada, MI. However, they are no longer carried those handles… and so as the company that made them.
        I often find my accessory from http://www.mjtrim.com or http://www.umei.com/p/f/UMX-HANDBAG-HANDLE-PRICING.htm they seems to have pretty good selection. I have seen people made the Tuxedo Bag with different handle and buckle. The buckle that I used for the Tuxedo Bag in from field’s fabric.

  2. Thanks so much for the links. I know that other handles (like Aslan Trends) will work, but your choice is unique and stylish. I may ask my husband to make some custom handles — he has skills :-).

    I’ll post photos on Ravelry (evelynArts) when I complete the project.

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