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A Close Call… April 23, 2011

Like I said in my previous post that I have not knitted anything for the past couple of months… so last week, I have decided that I should start looking at submitting design again and back to my knitting self… what I am not sure at this moment is to whether I should concentrate on publish pattern on the online magazine or on actual Magazine or just published my design as idie pattern for my own site….

Anyhow, last week, I decided to start with something small… so I naturally decided on a pair of fingerless mittens.. as for yarn.. looking through my stash… I have a few skeins of tern by Quince and Co. already winded in varies color… so I chose one of the more subtle color and cast on… as for the design, I decided to choose a combination of eyelet cable and texture stitch.. the eyelet cable stitch will be featured in the arm and wrist area, eyelet rib as the divider, and the hand potion will feature a simple texture stitch…. After I finished the first fingerless mitten, I am loving the outcome of the design so much that I went ahead and work on the second mitten.. It might sound strange that I said ‘I went ahead and work on the second mitten’.. often time when I work on a submission, I will only work on a sample, so it is not unusual for me not to actually finish a pair of mittens or socks… in fact I have quite a few single mitten or sock laying around… Anyhow, as I was working on my second mitten, I suddenly realized that I might run out of yarn. For a designer, you should always calculate the amount of yarn needed for a project before starting to knit… so what happened to me then? That idea of running out of yarn did not even come across my mind… what a shame…

As I go further along with my second mitten, I saw the ball of yarn kept getting smaller and smaller.. it alarmed me. I just prayed that I would have enough yarn to finish it. I have a few idea in my head of course just in case if I ran out of yarn.. such as potentially work in a alternate color to create a stripe pattern for the upper potion etc… fortunately, I made it through… I finished my second mitten with less than a yard of yarn to spare… that’s a close call…..

Now my new fingerless mittens design has finished.. I just need to think a nice name for it.

I am not sure at this point in what I am going to do with this design.. so for now, I will not be posting any picture at this moment. All I can say is that I am extremely delighted with the result and loving the color and the yarn. Now I just need to create a matching cowl to go along with the mittens… it will be a nice set for the upcoming fall and winter season…


Hello SHELTER October 11, 2010

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It took me long enough to place an order of a yarn that is launched by one of the most talented designer. I never was a fan of wool because of my sensitive skin. But time has changed… a good spun wool yarn should not be the case… I have heard nothing but good review of the yarn and I can’t wait to get my hands on…. and believe me, the first thing I am going to make from SHELTER will be all mine…

Won’t the color, Sweatshirt, looks great in a fitted cable cardigan?!?


Meeting Lindsey…… August 4, 2010

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When you think of yarn, wool will most likely be one material that come into most of the people’s mind…. wool indeed a common material that make into yarn… as yarn evolves through time… nowadays almost everything can make into yarn… alpaca, camal, soy, bamboo, cotton, silk etc are very common… then comes some items that I don’t think can be possible to make into yarn… think sugarcane, seacell and even milk… Milk? How could it be possible? I have my doubt until I actually touch a skein of yarn that is 80% milk fiber… looks and feels absolutely wonderful!

But I am here not to talk about yarn evolution, I am here to talk about meeting Lindsey Ligett.

A couple days ago, with a connection from Shirley, a lady from my knitting group, introduced me to her niece, Lindsey, who happened to be in town for a visit. Lindsey is the owner of Waterloo Wools, a small business that locates in Waterloo, Ontario that specialize in hand dyed, handspun yarns and spinning fibers. I enjoy working with all type of yarns, of course everyone should know that by now.. but I am totally clueless on how yarn is made. I always admire people that can spun and dyed their own yarns… and meeting Lindsey who specialize in those 2 things is such a wonderful experience for me.

During our meeting, Lindsey has graciously given me a few skeins of her hand-dyed yarns that I attached in this post. Don’t you think the yarns look amazing? Lindsey did such a great job on the colors and they are absolutely beautiful. Amongst my goodies, one of the skein is made with 80% Milk Fiber and 20% Merino Wool, one skein is made with merino wool and seacell.. and there is one that is made with merino wool and Tencel. Of course I can’t just take the yarns and not do anything with them. In return, I will put myself into the design gear (soon after I finished my other project commitment) and design a few items that will features the yarns that Lindsey has given me so that she can showcase her yarns in the trade shows that are coming up in the middle of September and late October in Canada. It is also a good opportunity for me as an indie designer to reach out to other knitters using a different channel. So please stay tune for my designs in the next couple months that features Waterloo Wools.

Thanks again to Lindsey for the beautiful yarn and I am truly grateful.


Happy New Year! January 13, 2010

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Happy New Year everyone!

I am not sure anyone has some kind of new year resoluations. As for me, I don’t usually have any… ok the statement is not exactly true because I always told myself to lose 10 pounds and be more active for the last few years; however, I broke it every single year. So for myself this year, I figured that it might be nice to set some goals and should try to measure them at the end of the year to see whether I actually succeed my goals at the end of the year. Hopefully by setting goals for myself the year will help me organize my priorities better.

So Here is my lists:

  1. Lose 10 pounds and be more active and eat better. For the fact that I have a gym membership and not utilizing it. It is just not making whole lot of sense and waste money, so I will start hitting the gym.
  2. Spend time with family. I don’t think I need any explanation with this goal.
  3. Keep up with my knitting blog! I admit that I am not very good at keeping up with my blog. I always can find excuse to be lazy. But this year, I wanted to be more involve to show more of my designs and ideas on my knitting blog.
  4. Keep up with my Allergy blog. I wanted to share more finding about allergy and Celiac Disease and yummy recipes to the blog.
  5. Try to sit down and write my previous design patterns. I have so many designs that I have actually created the final product but without the actual patterns. I wanted to write down the patterns and post it online.
  6. To learn more on garment construction. I realized that I often have issue with written pattern for sizes that are not my sizes. I think it will be helpful for me to learn more about garment construction so that I can design garment that will be situable for different body type.
  7. Start designing for man. I have always avoided design male garment. Partly because my husband and man surrounding me don’t like knitted garment; however, I always wanted to design for man. So this year I would serously try to do it.
  8. Keep track of deadline better. In the past year, I am not good at keeping track of submission deadline; hence, I caught myself missing quite a few deadlines last year.
  9. Adopt a better way of design. I am a very visual person so often time, I would like to actually knit what I design before moving on to next design. Therefore, I was not able to produce more design. This year, my friend annette is will to be my sample knitter; so hopefully, I can do more designing.
  10. Create a collection of babies and kids design. I wanted to try to publish a collection of kids pattern.
  11. Try to clean out some of my yarn stash.
  12. To keep better track of my spending.
  13. To be happy all the time!

I think it’s a pretty big list. I am sure I can think of more items to be added to the list later on. Again, wish everyone a wonderful year ahead.

Happy Knitting!!!

Silkie B!


My Inner Baking Goddess? January 5, 2010

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

In a new year, I caught myself pick up a new habit – Baking!! I started baking because my husband has been dignosed with Celiac Disease and he has been a little depressed about it. The reason why he is not too happy because he loves bread and BEER! It’s been hard for him because there is gluten free products in the store; unfortunately, some of the them are good, some are OK but quite a lot of them are simply not too good. Because of this reason, I decided to start explore Gluten Free cooking, mainly baking. I started looking online resources on gluten free recipes and ordered a few cookbook for gluten free cooking. I experimenting some of the recipes and started modifying them. In addition, due to the dietary restriction of my daughter, she has dairy allergy, I started baking with dairy and egg free as well.

I have stared a new blog : http://silkiecook.blogspot.com/ to record my baking journey and provide recipes that I invented or modify for gluten free, dairy free cooking.