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Happy New Year! January 13, 2010

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Happy New Year everyone!

I am not sure anyone has some kind of new year resoluations. As for me, I don’t usually have any… ok the statement is not exactly true because I always told myself to lose 10 pounds and be more active for the last few years; however, I broke it every single year. So for myself this year, I figured that it might be nice to set some goals and should try to measure them at the end of the year to see whether I actually succeed my goals at the end of the year. Hopefully by setting goals for myself the year will help me organize my priorities better.

So Here is my lists:

  1. Lose 10 pounds and be more active and eat better. For the fact that I have a gym membership and not utilizing it. It is just not making whole lot of sense and waste money, so I will start hitting the gym.
  2. Spend time with family. I don’t think I need any explanation with this goal.
  3. Keep up with my knitting blog! I admit that I am not very good at keeping up with my blog. I always can find excuse to be lazy. But this year, I wanted to be more involve to show more of my designs and ideas on my knitting blog.
  4. Keep up with my Allergy blog. I wanted to share more finding about allergy and Celiac Disease and yummy recipes to the blog.
  5. Try to sit down and write my previous design patterns. I have so many designs that I have actually created the final product but without the actual patterns. I wanted to write down the patterns and post it online.
  6. To learn more on garment construction. I realized that I often have issue with written pattern for sizes that are not my sizes. I think it will be helpful for me to learn more about garment construction so that I can design garment that will be situable for different body type.
  7. Start designing for man. I have always avoided design male garment. Partly because my husband and man surrounding me don’t like knitted garment; however, I always wanted to design for man. So this year I would serously try to do it.
  8. Keep track of deadline better. In the past year, I am not good at keeping track of submission deadline; hence, I caught myself missing quite a few deadlines last year.
  9. Adopt a better way of design. I am a very visual person so often time, I would like to actually knit what I design before moving on to next design. Therefore, I was not able to produce more design. This year, my friend annette is will to be my sample knitter; so hopefully, I can do more designing.
  10. Create a collection of babies and kids design. I wanted to try to publish a collection of kids pattern.
  11. Try to clean out some of my yarn stash.
  12. To keep better track of my spending.
  13. To be happy all the time!

I think it’s a pretty big list. I am sure I can think of more items to be added to the list later on. Again, wish everyone a wonderful year ahead.

Happy Knitting!!!

Silkie B!


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