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Too many yarn?!? February 15, 2008

Filed under: Knitting Life — silkaburgoyne @ 7:28 pm

Yet again I dropped by my favorite yarn store to check out some yarns; but most importantly to check out what kind of yarns I wanted to buy and where they are located so that I can go back there tomorrow during the big sales. Yes, my favorite yarn store is having a big sales and it only happens once a year. I remembered last year I went there with a couple of friends; standing in the cold for 20 mins to wait for the door to open. I stood in the cashier line for 2 hrs trying to pay. Was it worth it? My answer is a definitely yes. I got the most beautiful silk yarn for half of the price that now made into a lace shawl. It’s all worth it.

Of course when I left the store this morning, I could not help myself but left with 2 big bags of beautiful yarns that are already marked down. As I was driving home, I asked myself, ‘Do I need any more yarn? What am I going to do with it?’ As I walked in the door, my husband saw me with those 2 bigs bag of yarns. He looked and laughed and walked away. As I took the bags down to the basement, I realized that I ran out of plastic tub yet again to store my yarns. So that’s when I asked myself, ‘do I have too many yarns? Do I go back there again?’ It’s really a silly question to ask myself. I am sure any knitter out there has a stash of yarns somewhere in the house. One of the lady in my knitting group once said, ‘there is no such thing as too many yarns.’ I have to agree with her.

As I closed the basement door, I knew that I will wake up bright and early tomorrow, bundle myself up and stand in line like hundreds of the other people. And I am sure, at the end of it all, i will be happy with my new stash of yarns.


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