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The wait is finally over!!! September 25, 2008

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I have been waiting patiently to have my very first pattern to be published.. and it finally happen. The pattern is available in the Creative Knitting magazine, the November issue! Here is the link in case anyone is interested:
It’s been a long wait but it’s all worth it. I am also eagerly awaiting for my other design. It is a purse design. It should be published by Interweave magazine in the winter issue or other issue depending on the space.
The published designs are great encouragement for me to keep on knitting. I have been laid back for awhile since I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting for the arrival my my third little bundle of joy. I am sure I will get my mojo back to keep on knitting and designing. And I will certainly keep updating my blog.. I know.. I have been extremely lazy updating my blog 😛
Keep tuning in for more project!


One Response to “The wait is finally over!!!”

  1. Hello! I’m a blog cruiser (I hate the term blog lurker) to your website. I always try to check out your blog. You have cool knitstuffs to show off. Congratulations on the publication of your pattern. Way to go! And definitely a congratulation is in order for the soon to be birth of your 3rd child. Everyone must be excited. Take care!

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