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Yarns for Next 2 months July 20, 2010

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Finally, I got all my yarns from the yarn companies so that I can start my projects. With the very tight deadlines, I really have to get myself focus and be a very fast knitter. 

Above are the yarns that I will use for my projects. Here is the run down:
1) First 2 yarns, they will be transformed into a Lacy Stripe Ribbon Pullover with 8/5 deadline. The yarn is Willow Tweed by Louisa Harding.
2) The deepest red is the color that the editor choice to re-stitch my ruffles cardigin which was initially done in Amethyet. With a end of July deadline. That will be the very first project that I will tackle. The yarn is Cotton Classic and Cotton Classic Lite (Ruffles) by Takhi Yarns.
3) Cranberry Bog is light worsted tweed yarn by Berroco. It will eventually become a ruffles purse 🙂 I will not start this project until I got the other 2 projects finished. With 8/20 deadline. I think I could swing it…. hopefully.

So these 4 yarns will be my companion for the next 2 months. The good thing is that these yarns are all different, texture and color. So I won’t get too bored unlike 2 months ago, all I was working on was purple.

And now I would need to pray for miracle to have all my projects finished on time.


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