Kaleido by Silkie B.

Knitting Designs By Silka Burgoyne

Purchase Info about Victoria Set September 2, 2010

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Just want put a little bit more information about Victoria Gloves and Socks. I have received quite a few inquire on where to buy the pattern for Victoria gloves. I am currently working on the pattern and I am expecting it to complete by this weekend. Hence, for any of you who is interested, there is a few way to get the pattern:

1. Come back to my site and go to pattern page, I will post a link that will link to Ravelry download.
2. Go to Ravelry.com and search for Silka Burgoyne or Kaleido, you will be able to see all my designs and purchase it from there.
3. Go to etsy.com/silkaburgoyne, I will put it on my etsy story when it come available
4. If you are in Michigan, Cleverewe in Ada, MI will carry my pattern exclusively

I am also working on a relationship with Waterloo Wools, Ontaria, to sell my patterns.

I will post a notice when the pattern comes available… so stay tune..


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