Kaleido by Silkie B.

Knitting Designs By Silka Burgoyne

Misty January 10, 2011



I love lace gloves that work in skinny yarn in the winter. I want to keep my hands warm but not feeling bulky at the same time. I also wanted a pair of gloves that can dress up to go to a formal event or down to have a stroll in the park. Therefore, I decided to choose a very lace motif and pair the design with a unique yarn that made from merino wool and milk fiber. The name ‘Misty’ came to me because of the color of the yarn. ‘Blue Notes’ is the name of the color and was hand-dyed and spinned by my friend Lindsey who is the owner of Waterloo Wools. This blue/grey/tan color combination remained me of the cloudy and misty sky in the winter.

Misty is worked using magic loop method. The pattern provide detail written instruction, supporting charts and basic instruction on Magic Loop.

Arm Circumference: 7 inches without stretch

Bayfield by Waterloo Wools (80% Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Milk Fiber)
Color: Blue Note; 1 skein

Unit Price: $4.00 and purchase now via Ravelry.com

Unit Price: $5.00 and purchase now via PatternFish Buy Now!

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