Kaleido by Silkie B.

Knitting Designs By Silka Burgoyne

Covergirl!!! September 21, 2010

Of course I am not talking about myself as a cover girl. I am no model material of course… don’t have the look and the body and the move to be one. However, I am very excited to see my twisted beanie and mitten set made it to the cover of November 2010 Issue of Creative Knitting! It was such an honor and I cannot expressed how excited I am!

I first got the news about the cover from Barb, the editor of CK when I was in the midst of getting ready for my camping trip. Barb would like me to keep it as a secret until the issue goes live… so I kept my excitement and went on to spend time a few days with my family in Pentwater, MI. The weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful and spending quality time with family did help me not to think and talk about the magazine cover.

And now, the magazine has gone live. I have not problem sharing my excitement with all of you. So go ahead.. and grab a copy!


Anticipation…. July 23, 2010

A lot of people know that I have been crazy busy lately. Mostly because I have been working on quite a few projects for different editorial release, I am also working on my own idie patterns. I enjoy submitting designs to the magazines; the idea of having my name printed on the patterns that I designed and the patterns potentially be able to reach out to the knitters all over the world, is such a joy for me. For that reason, all the late night that I spent on knitting.. it’s all worth it. The only problem for me is the waiting period for the magazine to go live. Each magazine plans each issue at least 6 months to a year ahead… the anticipation is often time quite unbearable…

I have put out a slideshow to preview what is coming to the newstands and online magazine near you… probably in the next few months. Most of them were the original design submission. Please note that the actual finished object might not exactly match the pictures and/or sketch. Often time, during the process of transforming the design to the actual abject, the design did get changed along the way.

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