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Got my quince & Co. July 28, 2010

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I have first heard about quince & Co. from brooklyn tweed facebook page. Then quince & Co. keep popping up everywhere. I went to the website and checkout the story behind the company and the yarn that the company offer. The first impression is the simpicity of the site. It’s clean.. easy to navigate… and to the point content…. it’s a true minimalist style…. then their products.. 4 different yarns in 4 different weights and a large selection of colors…. how can one resist?!?

My order arrived today… I ordered a skein of Osprey in rosa rugosa and a couple skeins of chickadee in river… can’t wait to get my hands on them… well…. have to wait after my last project deadline….


Anticipation…. July 23, 2010

A lot of people know that I have been crazy busy lately. Mostly because I have been working on quite a few projects for different editorial release, I am also working on my own idie patterns. I enjoy submitting designs to the magazines; the idea of having my name printed on the patterns that I designed and the patterns potentially be able to reach out to the knitters all over the world, is such a joy for me. For that reason, all the late night that I spent on knitting.. it’s all worth it. The only problem for me is the waiting period for the magazine to go live. Each magazine plans each issue at least 6 months to a year ahead… the anticipation is often time quite unbearable…

I have put out a slideshow to preview what is coming to the newstands and online magazine near you… probably in the next few months. Most of them were the original design submission. Please note that the actual finished object might not exactly match the pictures and/or sketch. Often time, during the process of transforming the design to the actual abject, the design did get changed along the way.

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Imagination Vs. Reality July 20, 2010

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When I was first doing design, I often find that the ‘Reality’ – the actual object are quite often a little bit different than the ‘Imagination’ – the drawing. In the past, I would design, then work on the actual object to see whether it matches what I think, then decide whether it is worth for submitting my design to the magazine. My old way, it was a long process and I often miss the submission deadline. The reason why I worked in my old way partly because I lacked of confidence to transform my design into the actual object. It’s mainly because my inexperience in garment construction.  It’s also because I don’t want to send in a design that was way over my head that I would not be able to deliver. However, I quickly realized how time consuming it was to do things the old way.

Lately, I have adopted a new approach to my design. I told myself that I need to be confidence and stand by my design. I have to be awared that aften time, the ‘Imagination’ will not translate 100% to ‘Reality’. I should feel OK when that happen. Once I realized that, I feel more confidence and not afraid to make mistakes. The key point is to learn from the mistakes and accept them and adopt to them and sometime mistakes might transform into something wonderful. 

In my last 2 projects, the Chunky Cable Trim pullover and the Ruffles Cardigan are not exactly the same as my original ‘Imagination’. They were closed, but not 100% match. The fact is while I was working on the actual ‘Reality’, some of my imagination elements just did not translate well into the actual object. So instead of following the ‘design’ by the dot, I decided to make modification to it, and the result is better than what I was dreaming up in my head originally. I would love to share a pictures here; but I have to keep it a secret in my blog until the magazine goes life. My drawing of these 2 projects were posted in my previous blog post. Once the magazine goes live, I would definitely post the side by side picture to compare the differences in the ‘Imagination’ Vs. ‘Reality.


Yarns for Next 2 months

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Finally, I got all my yarns from the yarn companies so that I can start my projects. With the very tight deadlines, I really have to get myself focus and be a very fast knitter. 

Above are the yarns that I will use for my projects. Here is the run down:
1) First 2 yarns, they will be transformed into a Lacy Stripe Ribbon Pullover with 8/5 deadline. The yarn is Willow Tweed by Louisa Harding.
2) The deepest red is the color that the editor choice to re-stitch my ruffles cardigin which was initially done in Amethyet. With a end of July deadline. That will be the very first project that I will tackle. The yarn is Cotton Classic and Cotton Classic Lite (Ruffles) by Takhi Yarns.
3) Cranberry Bog is light worsted tweed yarn by Berroco. It will eventually become a ruffles purse 🙂 I will not start this project until I got the other 2 projects finished. With 8/20 deadline. I think I could swing it…. hopefully.

So these 4 yarns will be my companion for the next 2 months. The good thing is that these yarns are all different, texture and color. So I won’t get too bored unlike 2 months ago, all I was working on was purple.

And now I would need to pray for miracle to have all my projects finished on time.


My Inner Baking Goddess? January 5, 2010

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

In a new year, I caught myself pick up a new habit – Baking!! I started baking because my husband has been dignosed with Celiac Disease and he has been a little depressed about it. The reason why he is not too happy because he loves bread and BEER! It’s been hard for him because there is gluten free products in the store; unfortunately, some of the them are good, some are OK but quite a lot of them are simply not too good. Because of this reason, I decided to start explore Gluten Free cooking, mainly baking. I started looking online resources on gluten free recipes and ordered a few cookbook for gluten free cooking. I experimenting some of the recipes and started modifying them. In addition, due to the dietary restriction of my daughter, she has dairy allergy, I started baking with dairy and egg free as well.

I have stared a new blog : http://silkiecook.blogspot.com/ to record my baking journey and provide recipes that I invented or modify for gluten free, dairy free cooking.


Too many yarn?!? February 15, 2008

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Yet again I dropped by my favorite yarn store to check out some yarns; but most importantly to check out what kind of yarns I wanted to buy and where they are located so that I can go back there tomorrow during the big sales. Yes, my favorite yarn store is having a big sales and it only happens once a year. I remembered last year I went there with a couple of friends; standing in the cold for 20 mins to wait for the door to open. I stood in the cashier line for 2 hrs trying to pay. Was it worth it? My answer is a definitely yes. I got the most beautiful silk yarn for half of the price that now made into a lace shawl. It’s all worth it.

Of course when I left the store this morning, I could not help myself but left with 2 big bags of beautiful yarns that are already marked down. As I was driving home, I asked myself, ‘Do I need any more yarn? What am I going to do with it?’ As I walked in the door, my husband saw me with those 2 bigs bag of yarns. He looked and laughed and walked away. As I took the bags down to the basement, I realized that I ran out of plastic tub yet again to store my yarns. So that’s when I asked myself, ‘do I have too many yarns? Do I go back there again?’ It’s really a silly question to ask myself. I am sure any knitter out there has a stash of yarns somewhere in the house. One of the lady in my knitting group once said, ‘there is no such thing as too many yarns.’ I have to agree with her.

As I closed the basement door, I knew that I will wake up bright and early tomorrow, bundle myself up and stand in line like hundreds of the other people. And I am sure, at the end of it all, i will be happy with my new stash of yarns.